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This portal includes information about key initiatives, policies and resources on Health Inequalities across Europe. It has been developed by EuroHealthNet, a European Partnership for improving health, equity and wellbeing, and was setup in the context of the project "Equity Action", an EU co-funded Joint Action on Health Inequalities, which ran between February 2011 and February 2014. More information about Equity Action can be found here.

  • “Health inequalities that are preventable by reasonable measures are unfair. Putting them right is a matter of social justice. ”
    (Michael Marmot, Fair Society, Healthy Lives - Marmot Review, 2010)

  • “A debate about how to close the health gap has to be a debate about what sort of society people want.”
    (Michael Marmot, Fair Society, Healthy Lives - Marmot Review, 2010)

  • “Income inequalities affect the lives people are able to lead.”
    (Amartya Sen, Inequality Reexamined, 1992)

  • “A fair society would give people more equal freedom to lead flourishing lives.”
    (Michael Marmot, Fair Society, Healthy Lives - Marmot Review, 2010)

  • “Social injustice is killing on a grand scale.”
    (CSDH, Closing the Gap, 2008)

  • “Health inequities exist because the wrong policies are in place.”
    (Margarat Chan, WHO Director-General, WHO World Conference on SDH, 2011)

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